Unlocking the Secret to Attracting the Right Man: Relationship Strategies for Women

The topic today is: How to get any man you want – the master key. This one is especially for the ladies, and it’s a long story, so stay tuned until the end. In recent months, many of you have asked if I can create episodes from the perspective of women who are struggling to form the relationships they desire with the men they covet. If you’re one of them, then today is your lucky day! I’m not only going to create one episode on this topic but three. This is the first.

But first, a few notes. If you’re a woman who isn’t looking for a relationship with a man to fulfill your needs, then these episodes aren’t for you. They’re not about getting just any man, which is relatively easy. They’re about getting into a relationship with the high-quality men you truly want. These strategies work on alpha males, millionaires, professional athletes, or whoever you have in mind.

Thirdly, these are not moral lessons. I’m not saying that women are morally or ethically obligated to behave in a certain way in their relationships. What I am saying is that when women act in certain ways, they significantly increase their chances of establishing a lasting relationship with a man. This isn’t about what you should do morally; it’s about what works in practice.

First and foremost, I have both good and bad news for you, ladies. The good news is wonderful: you can get any man you want. I’m not joking. The only condition is that you must have direct access to him. That means you must be able to contact him and meet him in person. So, even if you’re not a supermodel, you can still get any man you desire.

The bad news is if you haven’t succeeded yet, you are the problem. Most men are open to sexual advances from most women. If you struggle to make a man commit, then the issue lies with you. It’s your job to do what’s necessary to bind a man to you.

So, what usually holds women back? In one word: pride. Pride is often what stands between you and the relationship you desire. So, you have to choose between your pride and your relationship. You may not be able to have both.

Now, what exactly do you need to do to get any man you want? You need to do three things, or rather, two things and one thing to avoid. The first thing you must do is the most crucial: you need to be useful. Yes, you heard it right, useful. It’s not about you; you are not the prize. The man you want to be with is on a mission, and you get what you want by helping him with his mission. If you can be useful, he’ll never let you go.

So, how can you be useful? By making his life easier. Don’t ask what your man can do for you, but what you can do for your man. If you can be useful, you’ll gradually insert yourself into his life, and it will become nearly impossible for him to let you go.

What’s holding you back is your pride. Let it go. Your best chance of getting what you want from a high-quality man is by serving him. Your ticket to his world is by making his life easier. That’s your safety net.

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